Service Overview

First: Flat Slabs:

The most important advantages of flat tiles: –
1 – give architectural flexibility “because of the disappearance of the beams”
2 – Minimizing the work of carpentry and blacksmith compared to the tiles Almkmerip
3 – reduce the time of installation of intensity.
4 – gives a good architectural perspective where the surface level gives a better light level.
5. It can provide (reduce) the overall height of the building.
6 – There are no obstacles to the work of air conditioning, electricity and sewage pipes.
7 – provision in the work of wooden wrenches.
8. Tight flat plate slab takes less time than soild.
9. This system is economical (saving time) if the live loads are more than 500kg / cm2
Live loads if less than 500kg / cm2 would be considered uneconomical

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