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Gypsum board is used either in roofed ceilings or as a substitute for brick walls. It is characterized by its light weight, quick installation and quick execution. It provides gypsum work with gypsum board boards ready immediately after finishing painting process. Work of internal cutters Of the materials used in the interior, especially in companies or government buildings. Gypsum boards. And simple information about it.

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Yes The installation of ceilings for bathrooms and kitchen of gypsum board can be made

Yes, but the type should be used. The gypsum board is a moisture resistant board. It is designed to be resistant to moisture and moisture. We can do a simple experiment by taking a piece of gypsum board with the green board which our company uses and we spray it with water. The surface of the water is not soaked due to the quality of the cardboard coated with these panels, which are of the treated type and thick somewhat .. In addition to the gypsum heart, which does not drink water completely because of silicon and fiber class and we know that water vapor is only points of water, Cooking fumes and stand here at an important point that is affected by cooking vapors is the paint only if it may turn yellow color like any other paint to the aluminum slides affected by the area above the oven and the place of cooking and solution cleaned every period so as not to pigmentation and oxidize and difficult to remove After this, choosing a good type of paint is easy to clean, and with ventilation techniques and filters, this is no longer a problem because the fumes of food loaded with grease and oils go out and in this case the gypsum board is a good solution for the kitchens. The gypsum board can be combined with the portholes in a beautiful and wonderful design. More than buying Aluminum with the passage of time will be home to insects because of the joints between the pieces

It is not recommended to install walls or partitions with bathrooms of gypsum Board, not if it is a bathroom for light use, such as the bathroom of the bedroom, for example, and to do so must be qualified technicians to implement the right way to be lifted from the wall of a distance of not less than 15 cm cement or brick and then we install the cutter , And the installation of ceramics above it by silicon, preferably also the joints of silicon, and has been implemented in this way a lot in the toilets of some offices, companies and restaurants and may be surprised some of the method of installation of ceramics, but very excellent if it was implemented in the right way and this also includes kitchens with the M that the preparatory kitchens in the lounge implement Gypsum Board

The advantages are known as the savings and the speed of implementation .. In addition to the possibility of the work of mobile breakers, but his problems .. I do not think that there are problems and finally to prove that it is fit for anyone and there are no problems return to the characteristics gypsum Board and its components and the way of implementation .. As we mentioned earlier that there are several thicknesses of the gypsum And up to 18 mm and we have the right choice for the custom work and must be lifted from the ground from 10 to 15 cm because of its weakness in this area from the bottom, which is affected only the paint and not gypsum Board and we must choose the special quality of the paint is not affected by the weather.

Wrong concept, poor implementation and lack of knowledge … are the reason

You can make the edges and nicks of the walls and walls of gypsum board stronger than the cement gratings and we know that even the cement walls break the edges of the friction and the gypsum Board there are two types of iron angles to prevent the break of the edges and corner and each type has a dedicated work and the benefits of this corner is to prevent the break edges and corner Gypsum Sharp and unfortunately not used by most technicians

Some people do not know their existence and some do not know how to install it and others overlook it even though its presence is very important and when installed will not break the edges completely and you will notice then that the edges of the partitions and walls Gibson board became stronger than the edges of concrete much as we mentioned that the Gypsum board result of modern technology and In order to exploit this technology, the customer must make the correct choice in the executing company

If the gypsum board is installed correctly, cracks can not be made permanently

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