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A & A Gypsum Board is one of the new and unique companies that have recently joined the arena to provide its comprehensive services to the public. It is one of the companies of the Arab Contracting Company, where the company was founded almost a year ago, but despite its modernity, it includes a distinguished elite of expertise and engineering and accounting skills Economic and marketing, which is keen to make a qualitative difference in the quality of services available, as we want to create a suitable atmosphere in all possible aspects..

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Experience and excellence in the implementation of our company in the implementation and installation of all types of tiles …
Architectural design works lay the foundation for all other things …
The bananas are no longer inspired by the ancient past but have become …
Gypsum board is used either in the borrowed roof or as an alternative …
The suspended ceilings are either made of wood or designed …
A team of more than 20 years of experience in this field …

Who is behind the best architecture services in town

Ahmed Mahmoud Ali & Ali Mahmoud Ali they are a modern designers, founder and director of AL-ARABIY for Methods & General Contracting. also they are partners in At Home For Decoration & Finishing.

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Gypsum Board It is a result of German-origin technology. It has emerged as an alternative to borrowed ceilings and walls
The gypsum boards are made of 120 cm x 240 cm and there are other sizes
Installed on metal sections with your own mounting system

Yes The installation of ceilings for bathrooms and kitchen of gypsum board can be made.

The advantages are known as the savings and the speed of implementation .. In addition to the possibility of the work of mobile breakers, but his problems .. I do not think that there are problems and finally to prove that it is fit for anyone and there are no problems return to the characteristics gypsum Board and its components and the way of implementation

Yes, but the type should be used. The gypsum board is a moisture resistant board. It is designed to be resistant to moisture and moisture. We can do a simple experiment by taking a piece of gypsum board with the green board which our company uses and we spray it with water. The surface of the water is not soaked due to the quality of the cardboard coated with these panels, which are of the treated type and thick somewhat

We look to our differences to bring a richness of perspective.

Our team handles everything from concept development to concept. We believe in traditions and integrate them with our innovations. All of our projects include a unique artistic image and functional solutions because the client is always the spirit of the project.

happy customer from all over the Arab Republic of Egypt received strong designs and construction with a very creative image.
Working Hours with enthusiasm and passion to deliver outstanding service.
integrated project has been completed by the completion on time and on budget with a high level of customer satisfaction.

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